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Laura & Paul’s DIY Wedding

Laura & Paul’s DIY Wedding – 25th April 2012


Lachlan Scallion

We are so proud of our young recruit Lachlan Scallion born in Melbourne, Australia and at just 19 years old took on his first wedding.

Laura & Paul had 2 weeks to pull off this amazing DIY wedding after a family member took ill.  They called all their friends & family but when the SOS call came into Elbowroom we were really gutted we could’t help due to other commitments.  However all was not lost, on hearing the news our newest recruit Lachlan saved the day by offering is services free of charge to gain experience, we gave our recommendation to the Bride & Groom as we knew he was ready to take the leap even at just 19yrs old.   The Bride & Groom were aware of the risks and had no expectations, they also arranged for a friend photographer who was also a guest to take images just as a back up.

I’m sure you will all agree from the images below that Lachlan will make an amazing Wedding Photographer and has a very bright future in the wedding industry should this be his chosen career.

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